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Injustice, Corruption, Human Rights violations. When will it end? When will they hear the truth?

Watch the Nelson Serrano audience in the Florida Supreme Court, on which we request a new fair trial with the evidence that proves his innocence

Nelson Serrano
Nelson Serrano

We will continue to fight for justice!

Nelson Serrano

A documentary about Nelson Serrano's case will be airing soon around the US. Be sure to check the trailer for it: "Nelson Serrano - I'm Innocent"

Attention: The Ecuadorian television program, "30 Minutes Plus" on TeleAmazonas, announced the results of voting during its submission last week – 7,764 votes (99% INNOCENT).









Nelson Serrano

Welcome to

Here you will find the truth about the injustice carried out in Florida and in Ecuador


Our intention is to provide a website where not only the facts are stated but it will provide you all the links to the actual and official sites where this information exists. This will be a powerful home for investigators, reporters, law students, the curious and the interested who want to know the TRUTH behind the kidnapping and judgment of Nelson Ivan Serrano.


This is not a simple story as it contains many parts: from a quadruple homicide to the botched investigative efforts of a small town police department, about detectives and prosecutors dealing with the biggest crime in their history and their zealous efforts to protect their careers, about a professional hit and how a corrupt justice system in the hands of ambitious public manipulators promoted their suspect as Satan himself.


This story has too many parts and needs to be investigated by objective thinkers in order for blind justice to rule on the truth.


These pages will peel away toward the heart of this case and the life or, with time, the death of an innocent man.










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Nelson Ivan Serrano

from Injustice to Freedom


Ambassador's Response
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Unjust Trial in USA

Serrano's case will

be spotlighted at the

Million Man March

October 10, 2015


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Ecuadorian Minister

of Justice and Ecuadorian Ambassador met with Governor Scott's legal counsel

September 21, 2015

Initial Brief filed with the Florida Supreme Court is warranted

July 29, 2015

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