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The relatives & friends of Nelson Serrano sympathize with the pain felt by the families of the victims, but we cannot ignore the indictment of an innocent man, who from the beginning cooperated fully with the investigators leaving nothing to hide. 


Being that one of the victims was an Assistant District Attorney of the Bartow Court, the place where the trial was held, we also understand the need for this crime to have clarity and impunity, but you cannot blame an innocent man by creating false evidence and









planting fingerprints or by trying someone in a courthouse where the pain of a fellow prosecutor’s death exists. 

We are confident in the professionalism of the State of Florida to analyze and treat this case of a fellow citizen fairly and with impartiality. 

We will follow the judicial process to appeal the decision and demand a new trial in a new venue so that the evidence can be evaluated impartially to conclude without a doubt, that none of the evidence has the sufficient strength to place Mr. Serrano at the scene of the crime or point to him as the author of this crime. In this new process it will be necessary to require further investigation of other evidence that have not been considered so far by prosecutors. 

Help us spread this truth and save an innocent life!









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Nelson Ivan Serrano

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Serrano's case will

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Million Man March

October 10, 2015


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Ecuadorian Minister

of Justice and Ecuadorian Ambassador met with Governor Scott's legal counsel

September 21, 2015

Initial Brief filed with the Florida Supreme Court is warranted

July 29, 2015

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