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Meeting with Governor Scott's legal counsel

Sept. 21, 2015 -- Ecuadorian Minister of Justice Ledy Zúñiga and Ecuadorian Ambassador Francisco Borja met with Governor Scott’s legal counsel regarding the violations committed by the State of Florida to Ecuador’s sovereignty, its national laws, international law, the extradition treaty and the human rights of its citizen when a Florida assistant attorney bribed local officials to illegally deport Nelson Serrano from his own country. They also expressed serious concern over the lack of impact recently introduced DNA evidence and eye witness testimony had on granting Serrano a new trial. These evidences point to the existence of a young Asian male and not Nelson Serrano and, along with other hidden evidences, completely contradicts the prosecution’s theory used to convict Serrano.










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Nelson Ivan Serrano

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Ecuadorian Minister

of Justice and Ecuadorian Ambassador met with Governor Scott's legal counsel

September 21, 2015

Initial Brief filed with the Florida Supreme Court is warranted

July 29, 2015

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