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More To Investigate

The investigators found 13 fingerprints at the crime scene.  None of these pertained to anyone at the factory or to Mr. Serrano.  These were never compared to any of the databases of the various criminal investigative agencies available in the US.  Also they found cigarette butts of which DNA was never obtained. As it is, Nelson doesn’t smoke.


One of the victims fought with their assailant or assailants but none of the evidence found under her nails was analyzed (or was it?). Also a plastic glove was found underneath one of the victims of which no fingerprints or DNA were found to be of Mr. Serrano! Who’s where they then?? Why can't we compare the DNA with the national database and the other suspects? Shouldn't DNA be checked against anyone involved?


At the onset, Mr. Serrano’s ex-partner blamed Mr. Serrano as the assailant. Based on this the authorities immediately searched Mr. Serrano’s house where several guns which Mr. Serrano collected were found, but none matched the murder weapon. The crime scene was covered in blood even the walls. None, absolutely none of the forensic analysis and results implicate Nelson Serrano but it does show that someone else committed this crime. 


It is said that Mr. Serrano intended to kill his ex-partner and that the others were killed because he couldn’t leave behind anyone to identify him. Yet there were 2 murder weapons. So it takes more than one weapon to murder one person?


How can one man bring down & shoot 3 younger & well-built men considering also that the shots were not random but execution style, meaning at close range & in the back of the neck?


One of the victims was an assistant district attorney and testimony alleges her brother and husband whom were killed with her were trafficking drugs for a New York crime family. Why weren't these people investigated?


There is more to investigate if we really want to obtain the truth.


Why did the District Attorney's office in Polk County go forward in trying to convict someone of the most heinous crime in its history based solely on circumstantial evidence and didn’t further investigate the more concrete evidence? Why did they send DA Paul Wallace to Ecuador and order him to bribe cops there to kidnap Nelson Serrano when there was an Extradition Petition in place that Paul Wallace himself requested? Was it because he couldn't ask for the Death Penalty?


Could it be that they don’t want us to find out that Mr. Serrano is innocent?


Could it be that they don’t want to discover who the real assailant or assailants are?

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